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About Us

“Real Health. Real Science. Real Results… Naturally.”

Forefront Health was founded in 2014 to deliver cutting-edge natural health advice into the hands of everyday people looking for truly natural, permanent, scientifically-proven ways to improve their health and overcome their devastating health conditions…

And in doing so, inspire and empower people to take control of their own health and lives by investigating and rethinking their entire approach to health.

You see, as a society our understanding of health has become so riddled with contradictory information…

We are told that consuming anti-oxidants are the key to preventing cancer and staying healthy…

…yet research shows that some of the most widely used health foods and supplements today are responsible for much of the oxidative damage occuring inside our bodies.

We are told that we need to lower our cholesterol and keep it low to prevent heart disease…

…yet research shows that low cholesterol is far more deadly than high cholesterol.

We are told that we need to lose weight to become healthier…

…yet research shows that most of the popular weight loss advice out there disrupts our hormones and damages our metabolism, leaving us unhealthier than ever.

And the list goes on and on.

It’s no wonder society as a whole has become sicker and sicker for the better part of the past century, and why diseases that were once only found in old age are now rampant among our children.

We’ve lost sight of what REAL HEALTH really is.

Today, the internet is overflowing with lousy health advice based on illogical theories, tainted and corrupted medical research, and even teachings that have been disproved for decades.

Yet, we’ve become so mesmerized by the ongoing circus of latest and greatest health fads, that we oftentimes accept these fads and theories as truth and gospel more powerful than REAL SCIENCE.

The problem with so much of the popular health advice out there today is…

It’s the blind leading the blind.

So much of the poor advice is being spread by people, experts, and even medical personalities who have never used or tested their advice with real people.

And gambling with your health is like that is dangerous.

Here at Forefront Health, we do things differently…

And that gives you a clear advantage.

You see, as natural health practitioners, not only do we practice what we preach. We test and use it with our clients, so what we teach is based on REAL RESULTS.

You see…

We know REAL HEALTH and REAL SCIENCE and when you use them together you get REAL RESULTS… that just happen NATURALLY.