3 Reasons You Need Coconut Oil for Thyroid Health

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It’s no secret that the rate of virtually every disease continues to rise year after year.

In a previous post, I mentioned that oftentimes if you want to achieve the opposite results with your health, you must take opposite action.

A perfect example of this can be seen by looking at the fats in your diet.

Coconut oil […]

3 Ways Coffee Can Heal Your Thyroid and Save Your Life

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In the not so distant past, coffee has been put through the ringer.

It’s been called every bad name in the book.

Many so-called “health experts” have even gone as far as to label coffee as a highly addictive drug that is equivalent to a number of illegal narcotics.

But now, the “coffee” tables have turned because more […]

Why You Can’t Live Without Fructose

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If it wasn’t for fructose then you wouldn’t be here on this planet.

In fact, without fructose, human life itself would not be possible.

If you have been following the health news in the media to any degree, then you’re likely aware of some of the negative rumors regarding fructose that are being thrown around. Maybe it’s […]