American Biologics Desiccated Thyroid (90 Count)

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American Biologics Desiccated Thyroid is a thyroid-hormone supplement that can help to:

  • Re-Activate Your Thyroid Hormone Pathway
  • Restore Thyroid-Supportive Youth Hormones
  • Re-Balance Thyroid-Suppressive Hormones
  • Restore Metabolism and Thyroid Health
  • Improve Liver Health
  • Protect Against Stress
  • Protect Against Heart Disease

Health Benefits

American Biologics Thyroid is pure desiccated (freeze-dried) raw whole thyroid gland from healthy and well established herds or organically raised cattle. The raw thyroid tissue was processed by low temperature lyophilization to ensure and preserve natural constituents.

2 reviews for American Biologics Desiccated Thyroid (90 Count)

  1. Kathy Sinclair (verified owner)

    I have found this product to work better than synthroid. I did have to regulate the amount and take more as needed.

  2. Kathy Sinclair (verified owner)

    The Desiccated thyroid worked so well that my doctor took me off of it. My numbers swung completely in the good direction. I have been on the program for seven months now and still tweeking things, but I feel so much better.

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