Why You Shouldn’t Just Use Magnesium Supplements with Hypothyroidism (Do This Instead)

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This is the truth about hypothyroidism and magnesium supplements that nobody is talking about.

It’s the reason why magnesium supplements by themselves just don’t work.

Now, if you’re currently using a magnesium supplement, I’m not saying that you should stop.

Especially considering it’s estimated that 60 to 80 percent of adults are actually deficient in this essential mineral.

And […]

What Happens to Your Thyroid After Drinking Alcohol?

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Let’s get one thing straight, alcohol does in fact directly affect your thyroid health.

The real questions you should be asking are these…

“How much alcohol is too much?” and “What can you do to help protect yourself?”

We’ll cover the answer to the second question in a minute.

The answer to the first question is a little trickier […]

How to Boost Your Thyroid in 60-Seconds with a Carrot

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Want to know how a carrot a day can help boost your thyroid health?

All you need is four simple ingredients, five simple steps, and 60 short seconds and I’ll show you how.

This quick and easy thyroid-boosting recipe is so easy you can’t afford not to use it.

And if you suffer from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis then this […]

How Did Your Ancestors Survive Without Thyroid Medication?

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Odds are that the idea of no longer depending on your thyroid medication has crossed your mind at one time or another.

Maybe even the idea of using something that you believe is “unnatural” makes you cringe a bit.

If our ancestors could survive without thyroid medication, then why can’t we?

Say no more…

I completely understand and have […]

5 Natural Ways to Fight Fatigue with Hypothyroidism

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Are you tired of being tired?

The fatigue that oftentimes goes hand-in-hand with hypothyroidism can be debilitating and stop you right in your tracks.

And because most people don’t see hypothyroidism as the serious health concern it really is, they really don’t understand what you’re going through.

It can be overwhelming just trying to act like a normal […]

The Worst Food for Your Thyroid (and Doctors Claim It’s “Essential” to Your Health)

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Are you eating the absolute worst food for your thyroid?

Whether you realize it or not, you most likely are.

In fact, 99% of people today, hypothyroid or not, are currently consuming this food (in one form or another) daily without realizing that they are sabotaging their own thyroid health.


For starters, it’s hidden in almost everything you […]

How to Build Your Own Thyroid-Boosting Light Therapy Lamp

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Would you have ever thought that you can improve your thyroid health with nothing more than light?

Well, here at Forefront Health we like to practice what we preach.

So, as I write this I’m sitting in front of my own homemade thyroid light-therapy lamp.

It’s the same exact light therapy lamp that I’m going to share with […]

7 Amazingly Delicious Thyroid Healing Recipes

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Recommending the best thyroid recipes isn’t always easy.

Most people today are wrongly led to believe that a healthy diet is simply a matter of eating healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy ones.

But that’s just not the case.

Take water for example…

Everyone knows that we need water to live, and that water is healthy.

But too much water can […]