The Thyroid Hormone Pathway

Did you know? There’s more to your thyroid health than your gland…

There’s an entire Thyroid Hormone Pathway that exists which your thyroid hormone must travel down before it ever gets to your cells.

And with hypothyroidism, your pathway becomes blocked on one or more levels, preventing your thyroid hormone from ever reaching your cells.

As we always say…

“If you can’t get the right thyroid hormone to your cells or your cells can’t metabolize that thyroid hormone efficiently, then you will always be hypothyroid.”

This is why re-activating and restoring proper function to your Thyroid Hormone Pathway is key to overcoming your thyroid condition and getting back to the happy and healthy you.

We accomplish this through the second part of our 3-Step 3Rx Formula.




Re-Balance your thyroid-suppressive and thyroid-supportive hormones.

Re-Activate and unblock your Thyroid Hormone Pathway.

Restore your metabolism and thyroid health.

Learn more about your Thyroid Hormone Pathway using the interactive pathway image below (hover over the exclamation points along each part of the pathway to learn more)