Want to know how a carrot a day can help boost your thyroid health?

All you need is four simple ingredients, five simple steps, and 60 short seconds and I’ll show you how.

This quick and easy thyroid-boosting recipe is so easy you can’t afford not to use it.

And if you suffer from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis then this is even more important for you.

Just don’t take it for granted.

It’s inspired by the work of Dr. Raymond Peat and a special thanks to Danny Roddy for putting this tutorial together.

(Note: this is one of many variations of this recipe.)

How a Carrot Can Boost Your Thyroid…

Believe it or not, a little carrot can have a big impact on your thyroid health.

When used in the recipe I’m about to share with you it can effectively help…

  • Lower Bacterial Endotoxin
  • Lower Estrogen
  • Lower Cortisol
  • Lower Serotonin
  • Lower Prolactin

All of these are well known for driving your body’s stress response.

And with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, all can be (and often are) over-produced.

They are all very thyroid suppressive and can block your Thyroid Hormone Pathway on multiple levels.

(Note: This is covered in more detail with more foods that can help you in this article on “5 Foods That Can Secretly Save Your Thyroid”.)

So addressing these hormones and chemicals are essential to improving your thyroid health and overcoming your thyroid condition.

With that being said, let’s get to it…

All you need is just four simple ingredients…

  1. One Carrot
  2. 1 tsp. Refined Coconut Oil
  3. 1/2 tsp. White Vinegar
  4. Salt to Taste

Step 1: Clean and Peel the Carrot


Clean and peel your carrot the same way you would normally do.

Step 2: Grate the Carrot


Using your carrot peeler, grate the carrot length-wise into long thin strips. Grating the carrot this way helps to maximize the absorption of estrogen within the digestive tract.

Step 3: Add the Coconut Oil


Transfer the grated carrot into a dish, warm the coconut oil if needed, add the coconut oil to the carrot and mix.

Step 4: Salt to Taste


Salt to your taste and mix again. (Note: Adequate salt intake is very important for regulating thyroid function. Thyroid sufferers waste sodium very rapidly.)

Step 5: Add the Vinegar


Add the vinegar to the carrot and mix again. (Note: The combination of coconut oil and vinegar increases the anti-bacterial properties of the carrot.) And there you have it… Grab a fork and enjoy. carrot-salad-step-5

Wasn’t that easy?

This recipe should be used daily for the greatest therapeutic effect.

Use this thyroid-boosting recipe on its own or with a snack.

It’s best NOT to use with a full meal.

After you make it a couple of times you can easily whip this together in about a minute’s time.

You might be thinking how could something so easy actually help?

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this simple recipe.

This little recipe can provide some big and serious therapeutic benefits.

Want to watch the complete video on how to make this carrot salad? Special thanks to Danny Roddy:

Did you enjoy this simple and easy thyroid-boosting recipe?

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