A story of losing your thyroid and almost losing hope… from thyroid cancer to Hashimoto’s disease, with a brain aneurysm to top it all off.

Few thyroid sufferers ever experience the hurdles that Kelly faced, and even fewer experience the remarkable recovery she did.

Here’s Kelly’s story and how she did it…

In a world where life often feels like a sprint, Forefront Ambassador Kelly was the epitome of endurance. From ballet classes to running marathons, Kelly overcame every hurdle life threw her way.

But sometimes, even the strongest athletes stumble upon obstacles they never saw coming.

Let’s rewind back to 2017, when a knee injury sidelined Kelly from running marathons, skiing, and her overall active lifestyle.

Little did she know, she was now facing the starting line for a marathon of a different kind…A marathon of thyroid struggles.

The following year brought along unexpected weight gain that left her puzzled.

Her doctor’s suggested thyroid blood tests, but they all came back “normal” despite her persisting concerns.

(Sound familiar?)

By June 2019, Kelly found herself in a dizzying cycle of emergency room visits, grappling with symptoms that seemed to multiply by the day…

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Unexplained weight gain…

These became her unwanted companions.

It was a truly baffling puzzle with pieces that refused to fit together.

But, Kelly persisted in her journey to find answers.

Finally, a breakthrough came from the growth of a nodule on the right lobe of her thyroid gland.

From the discovery of this nodule, an ultrasound and biopsy were ordered, revealing a diagnosis of papillary carcinoma cancer lurking within her thyroid.

Unfortunately, Kelly’s doctors didn’t take the time to properly educate her on her condition, let alone her options.

She was told that a thyroidectomy (surgical removal of her thyroid gland) was critical to her feeling better and all she would have to do was take a small pill everyday for the rest of her life.

“Fear raced through my mind constantly; as well as some anger because I trusted my doctors to see me through before losing my thyroid. I was simply blamed for my health results.”

(Starting to sound like a story you’ve heard before?)

But there was another twist waiting in the shadows – undiagnosed Hashimoto’s Disease, a condition that had quietly wreaked havoc within her body.

Surgery to remove her thyroid brought a glimmer of hope, but the road to recovery was far from smooth.

Side effects from thyroid medications like levothyroxine turned her world upside down – high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and a metabolic storm raged within her.

Kelly’s journey through the medical maze felt like a relentless uphill battle. Each new treatment brought its own set of challenges.

But, she didn’t give up.

Fast forward to 2020, Kelly had tried a myriad of medications to keep her going. All of them resulting in unwanted side effects ranging from heart palpitations to diabetic factors.

The worst side effect stemmed from an interaction with her blood pressure medication – resulting in a brain aneurysm behind her right eye.

Frustrated with the time she was missing out on with her family and grandchildren, Kelly’s trust in the medical field was dissolving leaving her feeling like a victim to the system.

“At that point in my life while recovering from brain surgery I was completely lethargic, depressed, developed sleep apnea, severe inflammation and extremely high blood pressure. I honestly feared that I wouldn’t wake up every morning, I didn’t think I would be able to function mentally or physically.”

Little did she know, she was nearing the finish line of her marathon of struggle struggles.

Kelly’s recovery time led her to an incredible breakthrough… our Hypothyroidism Revolution Program.

Armed with determination and knowledge from this program, Kelly embarked on a new chapter of her journey.

Tracking her temperature and pulse became her compass, guiding her towards a path of recovery.

With Raw Desiccated Thyroid and the meal plan as her allies, she felt the tides begin to turn.

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Kelly with Raw Desiccated Thyroid

Now, in 2024 Kelly’s life looks and feels a lot different than it did in 2018.

Kelly is proud to have the energy for daily walks, gardening, volunteer work and best of all, spending time with her family & grandchildren.

Kelly and grandchild

In Kelly’s journey, we find echoes of our own struggles – the setbacks that test our resolve, and the resilience that carries us through.

Her story reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there is always a glimmer of hope waiting to be found.

And like Kelly, we too can rise above the challenges that threaten to hold us back, embracing the journey with unwavering strength.