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No Thyroid, No Problem! Kelly’s Thyroidectomy Story

By |2024-04-01T10:56:50-07:00April 1st, 2024|Ambassador Story, Cancer, Hashimoto's, Hypothyroidism|0 Comments

A story of losing your thyroid and almost losing hope… from thyroid cancer to Hashimoto’s disease, with a brain aneurysm to top it all off.

Few thyroid sufferers ever experience the hurdles that Kelly faced, and even fewer experience the remarkable recovery she did.

Here’s Kelly’s story and how she did it…

In a world where life often […]

7 Thyroid Fixes to Beat Breast Cancer By Giving Up the War and Going Natural

By |2023-10-24T07:20:39-07:00October 17th, 2023|Cancer, Hypothyroidism|26 Comments

Are we really winning the war on breast cancer?

Well, the cancer research groups that have been fighting the “War on Cancer” for the past forty-five years would have you think so.

In reality, we haven’t really made much, if any, real progress…

…except for what I’m going to share with you here.

Yet, it has little to do […]