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The Truth About Omega 3, Fish Oil and Heart Disease

By |2017-04-24T22:38:37-07:00August 26th, 2015|Health News, Heart Disease, Supplements|18 Comments

Fish oil is under the gun yet again.

Recently a very well known and respected fish oil brand was declared as a fraud with questionable independent testing suggesting that…

  • The oil itself is rancid…
  • Does not come from the source provided…
  • Contains far lower levels of nutrients than listed on the label…
  • Contains other added unhealthy oils…

Despite the truth or […]

Hypothyroidism App May Soon Replace Your Doctor

By |2017-04-24T22:38:40-07:00October 10th, 2012|Health News, Hypothyroidism|1 Comment

Watch out doctors!

You’re now being replaced by smart-phones.

Let’s face it…

At the pace that technology is advancing today, it’s only a matter of time before your smart phone will be able to diagnose your health problems faster than you can even look up your doctor’s phone number.

(I just hope you are smart enough to add the […]

Why You Can’t Live Without Fructose

By |2017-04-24T22:38:41-07:00July 12th, 2012|Health News, Nutrition|14 Comments

If it wasn’t for fructose then you wouldn’t be here on this planet.

In fact, without fructose, human life itself would not be possible.

If you have been following the health news in the media to any degree, then you’re likely aware of some of the negative rumors regarding fructose that are being thrown around. Maybe it’s […]